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Listen to the music and experience stories set within the REALMS universe

REALMS - The Traveller Chronicles,
Volume One: Awakening

RTTC Vol 1 Album Artwork_V2.jpg

Myles, a scrapper from The Divided City of Kastkardia, wishes for a better life, and dreams of experiencing reality beyond The Shroud, a mysterious field of energy that encompasses the entirety of existence as he knows it. When he comes across a mysterious woman whilst exploring the outskirts of the city, he must find a way to help stop the people hunting her in order to save himself.

Along the way, Myles learns the truth about the universe and his own existence, uncovering long-kept secrets, and being set on a path that sees him traverse across the different Realms of existence, all whilst fighting to survive using his new-found abilities.

Experience The Traveller Chronicles, Volume One: Awakening, the first instalment in a series of albums following the story of Myles, by clicking the button below.

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