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Listen to the music and experience stories set within the REALMS universe

Delve deeper into the REALMS universe, uncovering lore and information

Explore the REALMS universe at your own pace across multiple mediums


REALMS is a living, breathing, ever-evolving fictional universe created by Melbourne-based electronic musician and producer Matt Tinkler AKA Martiln. A landscape home to fantastical stories, engaging narratives, deep world-building and mysterious secrets delivered through a variety of mediums such as music, visual art, videos, social media, and more. As new works set within the universe get released, more information will become available, allowing you - the audience - to explore the storyworld, learning about its lore, history, people, places, culture, and uncover new knowledge and secrets as various stories unfold across the different mediums. 

The REALMS website is divided up into three main sections: Experience; Discover; Explore

Experience: This section allows the user to experience the various musical works and stories that are set within the REALMS universe. You can choose which arc you wish to listen to and read through the story of, and as more stories get released, they will show up here. Each experience presents a unique and intuitive way to experience both the music and the narrative.

Discover: This section acts as an encyclopedia for the REALMS universe, allowing the user to dive deeper into the history and lore of the universe and uncover knowledge and information that surrounds the events of the stories. As new experiences get released, this section will be updated with new information for you to uncover. Note that this section is created and hosted through World Anvil.

Explore: This section contains miscellaneous media and content related to the REALMS universe. Here, you can explore the various parts of the REALMS universe, download media such as wallpapers and other images, and become immersed in the universe. Much like the other sections of this website, this section will be constantly updated as time goes on.

Throughout the website, you may also find hidden secrets and clues that expand the REALMS universe even further and perhaps even provide clues as to what's next.

REALMS is a collaborative project led by Melbourne-based electronic musician and producer Matt Tinkler AKA Martiln. 

There are numerous other people who have been and continue to be involved in the creation of REALMS. For a a full list of people involved with REALMS, click here.

The best way to support REALMS and its creators is to subscribe and become a Traveller over on Buy Me A Coffee. By becoming a Traveller, not only will you be supporting the further development of the REALMS universe, but you will also gain access to exclusive benefits such as early access to experiences, behind-the-scenes videos, and access to in-development content.

If you wish to directly support the individual creators behind REALMS, you can find their corresponding links by clicking here.

That's great! We're always open to new ideas, suggestions and collaborators. If you have an idea you think would work well within the universe, or wish to become a collaborator and become a part of the REALMS team, please send an email to and let us know what your thoughts are!

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