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The Traveller Chronicles
VOLume One: Awakening

Experience the first instalment of The Traveller Chronicles

Myles, a scrapper from The Divided City of Kastkardia, wishes for a better life, and dreams of experiencing reality beyond The Shroud, a mysterious field of energy that encompasses the entirety of existence as he knows it. When he comes across a mysterious woman whilst exploring the outskirts of the city, he must find a way to help stop the people hunting her in order to save himself.

Along the way, Myles learns the truth about the universe and his own existence, uncovering long-kept secrets, and being set on a path that sees him traverse across the different Realms of existence, all whilst fighting to survive using his new-found abilities.

Select an act below to begin experiencing the The Traveller Chronicles, Volume One: Awakening. 

Click on the name of an act below to trigger the music and allow you to experience the story behind it. You can move between individual acts and chapters (tracks) however you like, but for the complete experience simply click on the act and let it play through.

RTTC Vol 1 Album Artwork_V2.jpg

I - Prologue

RTTC Vol 1 Artwork_V3.jpg
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